19 April 2024: NGG Spring Meeting

On the Value and Practice of Comparison

The NGG spring meeting of 2024 will be devoted to the practice of comparison in the study of religion. During this meeting we will host a conversation about how to conceptualize and practice comparison. The emphasis is placed on the experience of (junior) scholars, and examples from research practices.

The Spring Meeting will take place at the VU on April 19th 2024, in lecture hall ‘Aurora’, and is organized in collaboration with Lieke Schrijvers (VU), Katja Rakow (UU), Daan Beekers (SCP).


13:00 Welcome
13:15 Daan Beekers (SCP) in conversation with Ernst van den Hemel (NGG) about comparison and the study of religion in civil society. Taking our cue from debates about religious diversity, integration and identity, we explore the potential and pitfalls of comparing religions in civil society.
13:55 Katja Rakow (UU) in conversation with Arjan Sterken (RU) and Jelle Wiering (RUG) about ‘comparative religious studies’ in education.
14:35 Break
15:05 Lieke Schrijvers (VU) in conversation with Hannah Visser (VU) and Erik Meinema (UU) about research in comparative religious studies. This session discusses the value and challenges of comparative methodologies in different research practices and contexts. These themes are discussed with Erik Meinema, who researches Christianity, Islam and indigenous African religious traditions in Kenya, and Hannah Visser, who is an expert in interreligious dialogue and reflects on the similarities and differences between interreligious studies and comparative religion.
15:45 Round table
16: 30 MA-award
16:45 Closing and drinks

At the same day, at 11:00 o’clock, the general assembly of members of the NGG will take place.

Registration is required
If you want to join the Spring Meeting (afternoon program) and/or the General Assembly, please register by sending us a message via our contact form. Please make clear which part(s) of the day you would like to attend. Registration closes April 5th.