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Jun 10, 2019

Training seminar for high school teachers

September 25, 12:30-17h, University of Utrecht

Organized by NGG Working Group Religion Education


Het programma en verdere informatie (in het Nederlands) vindt u hier.



Apr 11, 2018

Bas van Rijn winner of Cornelis Tiele MA Thesis Award

After careful deliberation, the award committee has decided to select Bas van Rijn as the winner of the first Cornelis Tiele MA Thesis Award.


Van Rijn's thesis, titled "The Mind Behind the Cards: Searching for the Source of Tarot Divination’s Popularity through a Cognitive Analysis" was selected based on the original choice of topic, the careful execution, and the ambitious way in which he does not just apply cognitive models but also seeks to develop them. Van Rijn wins €200,- and a free one year membership of the NGG.

Bas van Rijn obtained his Master degree in Religious Studies at Leiden University in 2017. As research trainee on the project Religious Narratives as Plausibility Structures, he researched contemporary Dutch angel belief. At the moment he is preparing to apply for a PhD scholarship aimed at mapping the field of divinatory practices such as astrology, tarot, and mediumship within the Netherlands.


For those interested, the thesis can be read here.


The Award Committee 

Mattias Brand (Leiden University - chair)

Kim Knibbe (University of Groningen)

Pooyan Tamimi Arab (Utrecht University)