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Jun 10, 2019

Training seminar for high school teachers

September 25, 12:30-17h, University of Utrecht

Organized by NGG Working Group Religion Education


Het programma en verdere informatie (in het Nederlands) vindt u hier.



Working Group Religion Education

The purpose of this working group is to promote a religious studies approach to religion education in Dutch secondary schools. In close cooperation with high school teachers, the working group seeks to:

  1. Create and distribute innovative teaching materials
  2. Develop a study-of-religion based didactics
  3. Organize professionalizing activities for high school teachers
  4. Promote research on all aspects of religion education, such as the quality of existing teaching material and the political-juridical organization of religion education in the Netherlands. 
The Dutch working group works together with the Working Group Religion in Public Education of the European Association for the Study of Religion.


Please check the working group's event page for upcoming events, meetings, panels, etc.





Dr. Markus Altena Davidsen

University Lecturer in the Sociology of Religion, Leiden University



Guido Versteegh

Teacher Religion Education, Zwijsen College