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Feb 8, 2018

Out of seven excellent doctoral dissertations the award committee selected Stefan Binder’s dissertation, titled 'Total Atheism: Making mental revolutions in South India' as the most original and innovative. In addition, the dissertation was also considered to contribute the most to religious studies as an academic discipline, balancing carefully between ethnographic data and theoretical debates.


Apr 18, 2017

Does the Secular Matter? Rethinking Secular Materiality and Secular Body/Embodiment

This Noster thematic seminar aims at highlighting the relevance of the study of the secular/secularity/secularism in relation to the body and other material forms in the context of current Western societies that are increasingly multicultural and religiously/secular diverse. Convenors of the seminar are Jelle Wiering (RUG) and Nella van den Brandt (Religious Studies; UU).


For more information, please visit the seminar website.